Are you a Yugonaut?

How would you like to receive £1000 ($€) just for sharing some of your student experience? 

Are you in the know about all things on campus? Do you inspire audiences through cool social content and want to earn cool rewards? Then you’re already a Yugonaut. Let’s make it official! All Yugonauts will spread the word of the sound and sustainable buzz of living in the most student-led and student-savvy accommodation in the world! 


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Hello. We are Yugo.

At Yugo it's about students living their best life. We've taken all we’ve learnt and we'll support our students through our three pillars focusing on education, sustainability, their personal development to deliver on their needs and expectations.

The Yugonauts are the voice of the students, they tell the story of everyday life here in Yugo. All the good things - morning routines, places to eat in your city, study plans, and top tips on how to get ahead in life.

Sounds good? Apply below!

What's a Yugonaut?

Well,  it’s our very own group of content creators who are spreading the word about Yugo across social media and we’re looking for people to apply. Interested? Keep reading!

What do you need to do?

Well, if you’re all about creating TikTok videos or sharing stories on Instagram about living your best life, this is for you. Basically, you will be sharing content to spread the word, set the trends, and build buzz about living in the most student-led and student-savvy accommodation in the world. 

What’s in it for you?

Being a Yugonaut comes with all kinds of benefits, including £1000 ($€)! 

When you become a yugonaut you will gain life experiences and cool rewards while showing students the way to connect, learn and grow together. All while helping to better the planet. 🌍

You will get certification detailing your experiences for your CV & LinkedIn,  even more chances to connect with people around the world and you will creatively help shape Yugo. 

How do you apply?

Fill in the form below. You will then be asked to create a mini vlog showing a day in your life. Let your personality shine and show us your content skills. We’re not going to use it for anything, just to get to know you. Sound like something you wanna do? Nice one, apply below.


Closing date for applications is 11 February 2022

*Financial incentives are subject to country of residence and program compliance.

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